Picket Fence Panel

£9.99 exc VAT

Hook and Base Picket Fence is an ideal temporary boundary solution for public spaces including Events, Leisure & Hospitality, and Sports facilities.

These Hook and Base Picket fence sections come with a hook and base system, allowing for the Temporary PVC Picket Fence to be placed on any surface with the option to secure to the ground via the metal base.   The hooks are fixed to the Picket Fence post which allows for easy set up and flexibility when it comes to corners. The PVC Picket Fence sections are supplied in full sections so no time is needed to build, just simply lot together. The posts can be used in straight runs or for corners and the whole system is manufactured out of UV stable, durable, and long lasting PVC. Our prices includes the panel and one post with additional posts being added to complete a run of fence.

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Dimensions182 × 91 cm